The Blue Ribbon

The Blue Ribbon is a healthy food catering founded in June 2020 by my sister and me. Because of the pandemic, and upcoming graduation, I just thought that my long-time idea should be done “RIGHT NOW”. So I told Kak Riyen, who’s also a health-junkie and owns a food service, to start a healthy food meal prep catering! So here it is, The Blue Ribbon.

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Silent Letters Book Club

Silent Letters Book Club or translated to Indonesian as Klub Buku Huruf Mati, is a book club I found in August 2020. The motto of the club is:

Even silent letters are loud when spoken into words

It is a book club for everyone and will also read any kind of book. There is no age limit, specific gender, or any other restriction as to who can join the club.

The Silent Letters will give one book on the 1st date of every month, and the recommendation will be given on our Facebook Group, Instagram, and WhatsApp Group. The group discussion can be done everyday of the month on the platforms available, however, the final and live discussion will be held on the last Saturday of the month.

The final discussion will be held online or offline, depends on the availability of the members.