This song was written in 2018, but per updating this page, this song is still relevant. You can call me narcissistic to actually write a song about myself, but you might want to start here.

This song was written because I was tired answering the same cheesy questions over-and-over-again.

“Oh! You have a twin sister? Have you guys ever fought because of a man?”, “Why do you sleep at 8.30 p.m.?”, “Gosh you need coffee, Bulan!”.

I don’t like coffee, I love having 8 hours of sleep, and no, my twin sis and I don’t fight because of men.

Hi and welcome to Love, Bulan! My name is Sri Rembulan and people call me Bulan. Born and grew up in Medan, Indonesia in April 20th, 1998. I am currently a 3rd year accounting and finance student in Universitas Pelita Harapan, Tangerang, Indonesia.

As someone who came from an enormous loud family of 8, instead of soft skill, debating and negotiating were more like survival skills and they grew in me quite naturally. As I grew up–fortunately– I have always had my voice well-heard within the family, because defending your arguments was deemed as normal as defending your favorite Barbie doll. Coincidentally, I grew passionate towards debating. I started the debating club in my high school and got 1st place award for regional debating competition back in 2014, but couldn’t manage to go to Nationals as I had to leave to France as an exchange student for a year (but my twin sister went there though!), where I met plenty of international students, became more aware of global issues, and got passionate about languages and cultures.

During university, instead of debating, I wanted to try something new, and I tried conferences as I want to be better-informed about global problems and ways to solve them, along with volunteering part-time in different foundations and organizations.

As per updating this page, I am active in different organizations. I am a Head of Volunteers in Yayasan Mandiri Kreatif Indonesia, I was Asia Pacific Youth Service’s (APYouthS) Indonesia Ambassador and now their Chief of Outreach Officer, I am the Under-Secretary-General of Substance in my university’s Model UN club, I am one of the International Global Network’s secretariats for 2020, a facilitator in Indonesia’s Inspiration Factory Foundation, and still a member of Rotaract International.

This blog is here to write thoughts, opinions, reviews, true life stories, and everything else that come to my mind. No limitation, no hesitation. Although it is a compilation of hand-picked, well-chosen, curated, and slightly–if not dramatically–exaggerated, I try my best to stay true for all of y’all readers out there (if there’s any).

In IGN’s short profile bio thingy, here’s what’s written:

Short Profile
Bulan is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance in Indonesia, who is highly interested in international economics and politics. She is a curious learner since 1998, an avid debater since 2012, went to France as a high school exchange student for a year in 2014, a devoted MUN-er since 2017, has visited 15 countries and speaks 3 languages fluently.
She has attended various conferences in 5 countries, snatched MUN awards in 3 countries, her academic papers got published in 2 countries, and recently won 2nd place on Indonesia’s National Accounting Challenge 2019. She is currently the Under-Secretary-General of Substance in her university’s MUN club, she is also a part of Rotaract International, and a keen believer that one of her purposes in life — other than to be a life-long learner, is to serve others.
She is loud, talkative, some might say friendly, and asks too many questions. When she is not doing the things mentioned above, she is often seen worrying about not doing the things mentioned above, other than that, she is also often seen either in a heated argument or a heated gossip session with her twin sister.