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Elefaith – Charity Concert for Children with Disabilities

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, the Student Life and Student Activities Centre of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Tangerang held a charity concert called “Elefaith” — Elevate + Faith — where all profit will be donated to children with disabilities. This is UPH’s second Elefaith and it comprises of bands, choirs, traditional and modern dances, makeups, gowns, tuxedos, and all that jazz. It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of this event and to actually help raise funds for the kids in need.

I was so glad when one of the talents, Kak Yohana, invited me to join the vocal group to sing “Andaikan Aku Punya Sayap” and to know that I will sing with kids from Elsafan Foundation who represent the community. OF COURSE I SAID YES. Huge YES.

The Practices

I got notified around 2-2.5 months before the D-date. But with that little time, it was obvious that everyone was doing their best. The dancers tried hard to coregraph their dances, the singers train hard to sing well and remember the lyrics (I’m guilty for this). 

But during those training days, I met many new friends from other batch, major, and faculty. I introduced some old friends to some new friends, you know, the mingle kinda way. 

I was also offered to sing the closing song with other acts and dancers! The song was “Am I Wrong?” and I got to sing it with 5 other peeps!

I got the part where I need to start walking from outside of the room then headed to the stage and had to walk up the stairs to the stage with that long dress and heels! So it was obvious that I needed tons of practice of that.

D-1 and D-Day

On D-1, we needed to do one final rehearsal. That means, we need to practice as if it was the D-Day, coming with heels and dresses and whatnot. I arrived at home at 10.30 pm that day. It was so tiring that I was afraid I’d lose my voice instead the next day.

So I went to campus bringing the heels and some makeups (this wasn’t necessary but I was being extra) in a gym bag, plus my laptop bag and my regular bag. That was one day loaded with things!

AND ON THE D-DAY. I needed to ask permission from a lecturer to skip her class as even though the event started at 5pm, we needed to do our hair and makeup, as well as last training with the Elsafan Foundation kids (because we couldn’t do any full and complete rehearsal with them beforehand), so I was already there at 1 pm.

I asked many friends of mine to come and see me (aka “Buy the tickets for charity), and my twin sister, her boyfriend, and my best friend came that day to see my charity concert. That was a very unforgettable day.

I wish to sing again with that kind of spirit, people, teams, and purpose!

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