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What Happened to Me Since May? – A Confession of a Workaholic Wannabe

Ever since May, I haven’t posted anything on this blog. How I wish I had a great reason but honestly I don’t. I have only been “busy” although I know that I could replace those episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with some produtive activities like blogging and recording how my days like. But I’m 21, almost 25, and I feel like I’m already having a quarter-life crisis, how I feel like time is passing by too fast, and how I hope there are more hours in a day than only 24.

But here are the huge things that have been happening for the last few months.

Philippines International Model UN

In June 2019, I went to the Philippines with a dear friend (whom I have a committed serious co-delegate relationship that we promised that we won’t cheat each other) called Elang Adhyaksa. After having attended 2 MUNs, that was my first time being in the UN Security Council. I didn’t know anything but I THANK GOD that Elang was there to save my ass. We attended the Philippines International Model UN Conference 2019 (PHIMUN 2019) which is organized by the University of the Philippines!

Anyway, that was also the first time I went to the Philippines and I fell in love at how great the country and the hospitality is! Everyone speaks English and everyone is such loving human being! I know I’ll go back to the Philippines one day! We got the chance to meet some old friends and made new friends.

I even got a new friend and had lunch with him while I was lost looking for a bookstore just around the corner! Yes, I meant you, Bobby. Thank you for helping me that time and spending the hours together. I hope we’ll meet again because you’re a precious human being.

We got Honorable Mention and are truly incredibly happy to get that award as it was our first co-delegating together!

Aladdin the Musical in Singapore!

Before going to Bangkok, end of July til early August, I went to Singapore to watch Aladdin the musical with my friend, Anandya! We also took the short weekend to watch Films at Fort Canning, and watch Long Shot, a movie about a strong woman wanting to be the President of the States, who falls in love to her writer, who’s also her childhood friend. We also got to eat at the cruise Royal Albatross.

Pictures are coming (hope I won’t forget)

Future Leader Congress - 2019 Edition!

Faaast forward to early August, I had the chance to attend another year of Future Leader Congress 2019 in UN ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand. Although I attended the same conference last year (you can check the post here), this year I got to attend as Asia-Pacific Youth Service’s (APYouthS) representative. As their Indonesian Ambassador, I got to join this intriguing conference and meet new friends.

Not only the friends that are new, this year, FLC also had a new theme, its about Sustainable City and Living.

Last year I didn’t get awarded for any but this year I got 1st Best Project Idea and Presentation with my team of 5 young women wanting to change the world, from all over the world.

Thank you FLC, Studec, APYouthS for making this happen!

Asia Youth International Model UN - 2019 Edition

Now, at the end of August (gosh thinking about it, I did travel to 3 countries in the same month), I did another MUN conference, it was the Asia Youth International Model UN (AYIMUN) 2019! I went to AYIMUN 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand (you can see my post here) this year, they held it in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Despite having many relatives and friends in Malaysia, the last time I visit Malaysia was back in 2016 when I went there with my twin sister and a f0rM3r BoyFriEnD of mine. It was really refreshing to see how Malaysia has changed over the past 3 years and making new memories with new friends there.

I got to meet old friends and new friends, and I have to say thank you for everyone that has been very kind on taking me around and paying for my foods HAHAHA (Yes, I’m talking about you, Iwan, and you, Fadhil). I do hope I could spend more time with my KL girl, Atah, but time didn’t allow.

After the closing ceremony, where I got awarded as the Most Outstanding Delegate (coz your girl is hell-a outstanding), I went straight back to my hotel coz I left Putrajaya for Penang the next day.

It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for other MUN conferences to come in the future <3

[Talkshow] Yamakindo x BEM UPH - Women and Their Capabilities

I wish oh how I wish I could be there during the D-day and see these powerful and strong women taking the floor.

Over the past few months, I have been organizing this project with my friends because my housemates and I (consisting my best friend and my twin sister) with Zerga, are part-time volunteer at this Foundation called Yayasan Mandiri Kreatif Indonesia (Yamakindo), and we thought having this seminar would be a great thing.

Although I honestly believe that I didn’t deserve the title as Deputy Director of the program, as most of the jobs were done by Zerga, the program director himself, with Redilla, my best friend, and of course Ibu Blanche, the advisor and founder of the foundation.

I couldn’t come because Livano’s cousin was getting married.

But everything went well, we learned a lot from the event and thriving to be more impactful for other people.

I guess for closing of this long post, I just want to say thank You to God, alhamdulillah, I truly believe that I wouldn’t be able to do this without His Grace and His Blessings. I lost count on how many days I felt lost and almost gave up but He was there listening to all of my prayers and answering to them one by one, on His way.

I also would love to say thank you to my mother, without her, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Thank you for having by my side and supporting me in any kind of ways possible.

Last but not least, I would love to say thank you to my boyfriend whose life has been disturbed by my existence and meltdowns, and picking up my phone calls at the same second whenever I have a meltdown doubting myself.

Of course I am also very thankful for everyone else that has been with me since day 1. My siblings, melon friends, and everyone else. Thank you so much.

2019 hasn’t ended yet, but I already been through a lot and learnt so much.

Thank you <3

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