Trip to East Java 2018

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I started university last year, August 2017 to be exact. I found some of the most beautiful souls in this university that I didn’t expect would be some of my closest friends. We hang out together and study together, we couldn’t believe that it has been a year since the first time we met each other.

My university has a trimester system, which means, in a year, there are 3 terms. Even, odd, and accelerated term. About 2 weeks before finals on the third term (last term of being freshmen), me and 4 other female friends of mine had this brilliant idea to go traveling together. It should be fun, adventurous, but also not-so-tiring since the main reason is to refresh ourselves after the year-long almost non-stop studying.

At first, we weren’t sure about where to go, since it should be low-budget, not so far, but awesome destination.

… Then, we decided that we’d like to see a sunrise on top of Mount Bromo

So, the ‘where’ question is already answered, it left us with the question ‘when’.

We decided that after the finals, each of us would need to go to our hometown and meet our family first, and then we’d go a week before our 4th term started. So we did.

Now, the questions “how“.

Asking Permission

There are five Asian girls in the group. You know the rules. No matter how “grown-up” you are, if you were born in an Asian family, you need to ask permission to most things. But it wasn’t a problem for the 3 of us, since our family is quite, non-conventional.

It left us with 2 other girls left. I thought to my self, the parents would ask so many questions regarding transportations, accommodations and whatnot, so hey! Why not just make a formal proposal-styled proposal?

…And so I did.


We were too excited that we wanted to pack a month before the departure. Planning around what should I bring on what days. How many footwear I should bring and how many layers of clothings I should wear to Mount Bromo.

A Sad News

A very sad one, indeed. Day-1, Thalia told us that she got a sudden news that she can’t make it to the trip because she got this mandatory family event. It was so sad because all of her expenses are already paid beforehand.


This is honestly my very first time traveling with friends to somewhere quite far from home. The experience was amazing and I can’t wait for next year’s trip!

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