The Lists

what are these?

"Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?"
"We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round."
"Even now I cannot understand the measure of a life, but I can tell you this. I know that when he died, his eyes were closed and his heart was open. And I'm pretty sure he was happy with his final resting place, because he was buried on the mountain. And that was against the law."
Bucket List


Have you guys watch the movie? Bucket list (The film in the right) ? It is a really touchy movie but yet motivating you. So if you haven’t see it, I recommend you to do so. If you have you’ve known what are these.

So basically, these are the list of the things that I really want to do before I die. But I’m still 16, These lists are going to grow with more and more wantings or needs. I will add a few more numbers or even few more lists than right now (I have 3 lists already). The bucket list, the travel list and the exchange list.

The bucket list, is the list with all the things I want to do before I die. Not everything has to be the big things, you’ll read in some of the numbers I’ve wrote that I want to sleep under the stars and crush grapes with my feet. But also there are few big goals written there such as, fall in love, get married and have children or make an orphanage or make 10 wishes and dreams come true.

The travel list, is the list of places I really want to go. It can be something specific like: The location of the film “The Count of Monte Cristo” or just a country that I really want to visit.

The exchange list, is the list of things I want to do in my exchange year (2014-2015).

I think maybe in the future, I’ll add some other lists for example: The university list, the marriage list, the baby list and still…. The bucket list will always be growing.