Day 1: The Departure | Trip by Gajayana Train

It was my first time being on a train in Indonesia. My mom told me I’ve traveled by train before but I don’t remember. When we decided to go to Malang and would go by train and return by plane, I was very excited beyond measure.

Back when I was little, the train’s image wasn’t very good. Eventually it has changed now and I was so excited for the 15 hours of travel. My friends thought it was such a hassle and couldn’t enjoy it. But I did! It was such an enjoyment for me and I really encourage you to do the same!

The train was Gajayana executive by the way. The ticket was fairly cheap compared to the plane ticket. It was IDR 450.000 or around USD 38. While by plane, it cost us IDR 630.000 or around USD 56

The Plan

So since Thalia couldn’t make the trip, there are only two groups of people for the plan. Me and Devi, who live near campus and the other group was Nandya and Redilla who live quite close to each other in South Jakarta.

Redilla and Nandya

The ultimate plan was to meet at the station’s Starbucks at 3 PM. The train would leave at 5.40 PM, so we thought it would be nice to meet hours in advance to buy some foods and snacks and water to consume in the train. Me and Devi however, met at 10.30 PM to get lunch together and then meet the others at 3 PM. But quite obvious. Me and Devi being always on time while Redilla and Nandya was late around 30-40 minutes.

Because me and Devi arrived first, we sat at a restaurant and order some foods to bring to the train while we wait for the girls to come.

Waiting for the Train

After the girls and the foods arrived, we went to Starbucks to buy some drinks and to the ATM and to a minimarket. After all of our to-dos done, we checked in directly and went to the waiting place (I don’t know what to call it).

Devi, Nandya and Me!

In the Train

It was already 5.40 PM, time for us to get into the train, we were so excited to get into the train. I sat with Devi while Nandya and Redilla sat together on the other side of the isle.

Me, Devi, Nandya and Redilla
Me and Devi <3

I was already hungry at 6.15 PM because I ate lunch quite early at 10.30 AM. After eating, I was already sleepy, as some of you might know I’m a morning person. Then I went to sleep for a while.

Late Night

I woke up several times, due to the low temperature, I kept going back and forth to the toilet and I was dehydrated somehow I felt thirsty all the time may be because of the air conditioner. Eventually, Thalia, kept demanding us how’s it going and I also had some gossips to splurge to my friends. We couldn’t be loud in the train because many people were sleeping, and Thalia wouldn’t be able to listen to the gossip, so we group called through Line for around 50 minutes.


I woke up again, Nandya and Redilla too. Devi was sick because of the train and she swore it would be the last time she’d take a 15 hours long of train ride, so she didn’t join me, Nandya and Redilla to gossip in front of the toilet.

We also thought it was a good place to take pictures.

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