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National Accounting Competition 2019 – PKN STAN

After 2-something years studying accounting and finance at my current university, the beloved Universitas Pelita Harapan, I have never really participated in an accounting-related competition, neither did my two accounting-nerd closest friends, Devi Silviana and Melvania Viliona. So on a rainy day (well honestly it was during summer), the three of us decided that it was time to try and do accounting competitions, though of course–I needed to reassure that they were on board because they were hesitating.

We contacted the coordinator of the faculty, Suryanti, because it would be depending on her and the faculty’s proposal acceptance whether we can participate or not, because most accounting/finance-related competitions oblige the participants to be official teams sent by the uni to represent them, so unless you’ve got the faculty’s blessings (and obviously, God), you can’t participate at most of accounting competition.

After we asked her for possible competitions that we might be able to participate in, we chose one competition, the well-known National Accounting Competition 2019, held by PKN STAN, which is only held once every two years, competing to get a bi-annual trophy from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. Now that you understand the gist of the competition, let me tell you how it went.

Preliminary Round

To attend NAC 2019 final round, you have to participate in their online preliminary round first. It consists of 100 questions, if you get a question right, they’d give you 4 points, if you leave it blank, they’d give 0, but if you put a wrong answer, they substract 2 points.

We did it as a team, with only 90 minutes (or 120? I forget), and was obviously terrified. With one calculator in each of our hands, and plenty of reference books that we thought we’d use, we tried — but mostly we prayed.

There were some questions that we got different answers, yet we learnt something, to compromise and to trust. Sometimes although I believe whole-heartedly that my answer was right, when Melva and Devi understood it in another way, I had to compromise, the same goes for them. There was even one time when Melva’s answer was the same with Devi but after I pointed out what I thought obvious, Devi stayed with her answer, but Melva chose my answer, so Devi had to compromise.

After the different answers for different questions, we also learn how to trust. Just, trust. Although you think you’re right, don’t discuss it anymore, just answer.

Out of 180 teams from all around Indonesia, we managed to placed 4th place on preliminary round, and got into top 25!

Top 25: Matrix, and Audit Challenge

After receiving the news, we knew what we needed to do next– to write an academic paper, you know– just in case we would actually make it to finals, however, it was tough as we were having midterms, but it was one of the main requirements to be able to win, they won’t let you do the AFI Challenge Final Round presentation if you don’t submit the paper a day before the event start. So we did it, in only 3 days.

During the event, we stayed at Redilla‘s house, because it’s way closer and cheaper to go from her place, we stayed there for 6 nights. Special thanks to Redilla and her family!

There are 2 challenges for the top 25. (1) Matrix: It’s the Beginning, and (2) Audit Challenge. We were quite burdened because initially we had a company visit challenge instead of the Matrix, so we were afraid we weren’t prepared enough for this, especially the individual test for me, I was terrified knowing that my teammates aren’t there to save my ass in case I forgot things.

The audit challenge was a disaster too– or so we thought. We couldn’t answer the last question on the paper, nor did we manage to answer all of the questions from the judges, we really thought it was over for us, we thought we wouldn’t make it to top 10, let alone finals.

But oh well, we did! Our score was quite low for the Matrix Challenge, but surprisingly high for the Audit Challenge, so we were overall 5th place on the Top 25 challenges.

Top 10: Think Fast Challenge

On Top 10, we had the Think Fast Challenge, which is a series of 4 challenges where you have to think fast.

The first challenge was a written test, we had to consolidate a company’s financial statement in 15– 30 minutes (?) I forget the exact minutes but something like that. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy as we’re learning about business combinations on this term.

The second challenge was the ‘give the envelope’ where you’re given 3 envelopes, with different subjects and points, and you have to give one envelope to another team, the catch is, if they can’t answer, you get the point, if the can, they’ll deduct your point.

The third challenge was the heart-beat-skipper, where you have to compete with 4 other teams to answer 15 questions– on first ring first serve basis.

The fourth challenge is when you have to bet on your points to defeat other teams, to answer two questions.

We managed to get 2nd place overall, which means; we got to present our academic paper, about IFRS 17–PSAK 74, on top 5!

Top 5: Accounting Future Issue (AFI) Challenge

The top 5! The final challenge that conclude the final decision, which place will you be. It was already ‘fine‘ since we knew that we made it to top 5, it means we’d bring a trophy anyway, but we also knew that deep down— we wanted more.

We made the powerpoint presentation 1 day before the day, we were nervous– but the nervousity went down when I saw that my friends, Redilla, Thalia, and Nandya was there, along with our senior who encouraged us since the beginning, ci Suryanti.

After everything’s finished, we went to the mall and did some more quality time while we were waiting for the evening to come, the result.

Closing, Result, and Appreciation

Overall a tiring-yet-worthy experience, we were praying and hoping, but also bracing ourselves for the worst- 5th place. We said “let’s just pray, but also be ready, and listen– we’re here to learn, right?”

We managed to snatch 2nd place, I cried, maybe because I was tired and grateful. On our very first accounting competition, three good friends, no expectation, thought wouldn’t even make it to top 10, but we managed to get a huge trophy and pride to our university.

I’m proud of myself, because I can make people around me proud of me– although sometimes I know I make bad choices and mistakes, but eh, I’m human.

Thank you, for everyone. Literally everyone who’ve supported us, and prayed for us– no matter what.

Thank you, ya Allah, without You, we wouldn’t make it this far. Thanks to my mom, although she is too prideful to say it, but I know she slips my name whenever she prays. Thanks to Redilla and her family, who let us stay in their home and gave us food for 6 nights. Thanks to my boyfriend, who was there during every meltdowns and worries, whom I love truly, and who’ve supported me since day one.

Thanks to Gekmas, our liaison officer who was —obviously bothered by our silly requests and gossips. Thanks to ci Suryanti and my lecturers, especially Miss Elfina, who guided us thoroughly from application process until finals. Thanks to melon gang, who skipped class only to see us present the paper. Thanks to other committee members who were nothing else but helpful and kind. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me– who’ve prayed for us.

Thank you, for the memories, the experience, and everything else (hint: weight) that I gained during the whole event.

I can’t help but feeling grateful and overwhelmed with blessings.

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