Exchange List

What I want to do while my exchange year in France (2014-2015)

  1. Learn to speak the language
  2. Make lots of friends
  3. Find a real bestfriend MUMI MY BABY
  4. Get lost in the country onceIt had happened like at least 5 times HAHA
  5. Have a host country’s boy crush Matthew Jackson
  6. Have an exchange student from other country crush Sebastian Sauma
  7. Have an exchange student from Indonesia crush (could be in the outbound national orientation) Kevin Azzari
  8. Break 1 D: Drunk
  9. Break 2 D: Drive
  10. Break 3 D: Date 
  11. Taste host country’s special foods A dessert, I forgot how it called. I LOVE IT!
  12. Go to mask party Saturday. October 18th, 2014. The soirée of Eulalie
  13. Go to Indonesian’s restaurant in the country
  14. Get secret admireHe is in Second, kinda creepy though
  15. Celebrate my birthday with people from host countries
  16. Go to ice rinkAvec RemyRbgny
  17. Learn to play any fancy sport
  18. Learn to play new music instrument
  19. Sing Indonesian song in big eventTourcoing, 2015
  20. Cook Indonesian meal for host family Instant noodle.
  21. Cook Indonesian meal for friend Mathis Lavaud – Rendang campur ayam campur nasi campur banyak,
  22. Sketch family’s picture
  23. Write song(s) about the year
  24. Teach people how to speak a little Indonesian. mostly the insult words.
  25. Hiking somewhere
  26. Make a memory book of the adventures there
  27. Make vlog(s)
  28. Make a documentary video
  29. cross all the France Travel list
  30. Go to the Euro Trip
  31. Go to Cannes and visit Tante Wawa les Vacances de L’étè
  32. Ask Nanna Iskandar to go to France as well for few days/weeks and spend times with her
  33. Meet celebrities
  34. Have an argument with a teacher…..
  35. …. and proof that the teacher is wrong
  36. Pull a prank
  37. Get throw a surprise birthday party (April 20th, 2015)Merci pour la famille de RmyRbgny, 25.04.2015
  38. Throw a surprise birthday party Noe in Villeneuve D’asq. It was his 20th.
  39. Go to concertAsaf Avidan; Avec la 2ème Famille d’accueil
  40. Go to the backstage at any concerts Matsukaze, Opera du Lille.
  41. Take picture with friends in every classes I take
  42. Win a championship or competition
  43. Enjoy the attention because I AM a foreigner
  44. Attend a dance class tous les jeudi avec marie
  45. Spend a night without sleep but not partying. Just talking with some host families or friends thereAvec Yumi Koyama, Une Japonaise.
  46. Get sleepover at exchange student(s) host family’s house Maria Laura
  47. Get sleepover at local friend(s)’ house Lucie, Thomas, Orane, Noé
  48. Celebrate thanksgiving Erchin, 29 November 2014
  49. Celebrate Christmas 20 December 2015, Chez Les Célariés
  50. Attend traditional event(s) The Braderie
  51. Go to a funeral
  52. Go to baby shower(s)
  53. Go to wedding ceremony
  54. Watch a classic French opera  October 15th, 2014. Pastor et Collux with Music Class
  55. Go to orchestra concert
  56. Go to ballet concert
  57. Watch a dance performance in L’Opera du Lille Matsukaze
  58. Watch the Maze Runner
  59. Watch the Hunger Games
  60. Watch the Hobbit