Day 2: Malang and Meeting Some Friends

We finally arrived at Malang at around 9.30 AM. We rented a car for our trip and the company delivered the car and give the keys to us at the train’s station. After all the administration stuffs taken care of by the one and only Redilla, we were starving and ready to eat Rawon, Malang’s specialized food.

After eating Rawon, we headed directly to De’ Boutique, our hotel. It was still around 10.30 AM, in hope we could early check in. But unfortunately, we couldn’t. We had to wait until 2 PM to check in, and so, we went to Gardenia to get some drinks.

Gardenia, Malang

Gardenia was a great place. It was cozy and tasty and cheap! The drinks are around $0.5-$2.5 while the foods start from $0.8-$6. I wonder where in Jakarta we’d find a place like that!

Aren’t these cute?

After having all the fun in Gardenia, it was almost time for us to check-in! So we headed back to the hotel!

De’ Boutique Hotel, Malang

We booked a room for 4 people, in which it has 2 beds. A king size bed (where me and Redilla slept), and a queen size bed (where Nandya and Devi slept). We didn’t expect the room to be as huge as it was! Because the rate was so cheap! We paid around IDR 500.000 or around $43 for a night. It was the biggest and the cheapest hotel we paid during our stay in East Java.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take cute pajamas pictures in the room.

In that hotel, for a short while, we showered in turn, we prayed (except for Devi), we rested a bit and then, we prepared ourself to head out to buy some pizzas, some Baso Goreng aka Fried Meatballs, another kind of Malang Culinary. As well as to meet with Redilla’s aunt and some of our friends.

Pizza Hut

We went to Pizza Hut simply because….. Redilla felt bad if she were to visit her aunt’s place empty handed, so we stopped by and bought some pizzas! yummm!

Me and Nandya also took this opportunity to take great photos of how we faked some laughs to look like we get along together :/

After the pizza arrived, we headed to Baso Goreng which happens to be next to Redilla’s aunt’s place yeay!!

Bakso Goreng Malang


The meatballs were very good and delicious. I asked for the spicy one and. it. was. hawwttt!! But I didn’t regret any as it was REALLY TRULY DELICIOUS.

After the great meatballs and aunt’s visit, we went to meet some friends in Mie Jogging, at the Soekarno – Hatta area (the locals call it soehat for short).

Mie Jogging

We met some friends at Mie Jogging, again, everything in Malang is cheap! AND DELICIOUS.

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