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Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2018

November 3rd, 2018 was the opening night of my first-ever Model UN. For some of you who’ve followed my journey in tons of former blogs or other social medias, you might probably have known that I did quite a good amount of high school debate competitions. But I rest my debating journey on 2014, when I went to France as an exchange student and spent a year there. That’s what I thought. No more debating, no more.

Apparently, I was wrong. I did stop debating competitions — Until my housemate, called Bang Adiputra Kaban, introduced me to Model UN. I was already quite familiar with that term, but I didn’t understand what do people actually do on Model UN. 

Do they argue? Do they debate? But what? Diplomatics? It was a strange idea for me, playing the role of a country’s representative. But then I thought, “Um, okay? Why not?”

But I didn’t apply to any, until I saw an advertisement on Youth Opportunity about the Model UN. It seemed legit, and it will be held in Bangkok. So I applied. I am more than glad that I applied.

I told my mother “I’m going to Bangkok, again, on November and she replied with “ah! okay.”

Do I look like a diplomat already?

So I googled everything I’d need to know, I wrote my very first position paper, researching and arranging my research binder, etc. Until the day arrived.

I went to the airport with everything compiled in one huge suitcase. Even though it was a four days conference, I was also packing my things for another conference in Singapore, right after the Model UN, as well as my binder, documents, plenty of blazers and suits and heels and everything else that I know I didn’t need to bring but I brought them anyway.

Aaaaand I arrived in Bangkok. I was in the same plane with several other participants whom I knew from a WhatsApp group chat. We talked and I was more than relieved to know that I wasn’t the only first-timer. Then from then, it was only uphill.

I met some of my greatest friends there. I also met several other friends whom I met in Bangkok on September. I also got to spend a night out with my cousin — who coincidentally was also in Bangkok at that time.

Even though I didn’t have the chance to grab any award, it was an amazing experience overall.

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